Value Proposition

Research and Software

We believe self-directed investors should have access to the same content and tools as their institutional counterparts. Our editorial content spans a wide breadth of financial markets through our collection of research products and brands, enabling our subscribers to pursue a vast selection of strategies. We have over 40 free products, over 110 paid products, and over 12 customer facing brands covering various investment strategies, such as value investing, income, growth, commodities, cryptocurrency, venture, mutual funds, and trading. Furthermore, we empower our subscribers with a comprehensive suite of proprietary research and software solutions that previously were only available to professional investors. In doing so, we strive to level the playing field between institutional and self-directed investors so that our subscribers have the freedom to confidently pursue their investment goals without having to rely on traditional brokers.

Institutional Grade

We recognize that self-directed investors do not have the same research budget and resources at their disposal as institutional investors. Unlike traditional institutional research, our offerings are significantly less expensive and more accessible, and they are designed to be less technical and therefore more easily comprehensible by the non-finance professionals. We empower retail investors with institutional-quality content at a price point that aligns with their investment goals. At the same time, our offerings have premium content that is highly actionable, in contrast to lower-value, ad-based content providers, who often aggregate market data or lack insight, simply for the goal of attracting a wider audience to support advertising revenue.


Our editors are held to the highest performance standards. That is why we encourage all of our investment analysts to include track records in each monthly issue. This enables customers to evaluate whether the editor and product are appropriate for their personal circumstances.

Long Term Commitment

We believe investing is a lifelong endeavor—one that requires constant learning, course corrections, openness to change, and, importantly, emotional discipline. In keeping with this core belief, we strive to build long-term relationships with our subscribers by offering lifetime subscriptions for many of our products and services. We believe in publishing content that is relatable and helps our subscribers become better investors over time. This reinforces our lifelong relationships with our subscribers as they are able to grow with our platform and form a virtuous cycle of learning and improving through our offerings.

Sector Expert Insights

Our investment research is written and reviewed by sector experts who have advanced degrees, decades of relevant work experience, and strong track records of outperforming indices over time. We are not interested in publishing “mainstream” ideas that can be easily found elsewhere. Our editors offer unique, contrarian, and insightful viewpoints that our subscribers value. We ensure our research is actionable and supported with excellent, thought-provoking research. We always want our editors to put the reader first; This practice promotes our goal of providing subscribers with unbiased and independent investment guidance. The only way we make money as a business is if our readers renew their subscriptions and stay with us over time. We find this is the best way to align our interests as a business with the interests of our subscribers.

Empower Investors

We find that retail investors often face several roadblocks when looking to invest in niche markets or complex financial products. These markets and products were previously only accessible to professional investors with institutional support at their disposal. Through our publications and tools, we aim to democratize these difficult to access markets so that our subscribers can follow strategies that were previously exclusive to professional investors. In doing so, we are able to expand accessibility to the financial markets and create new market opportunities for self-directed investors.